Reminding the Parents of The People of This World! You Are Remarkable!


 -$125.37 in my bank account on another payday was not what I deserved. The choice was mine and as a Pan-African, I decided that I deserved better.

The shop manager I worked with at the time came bearing the bad news. None of us, himself included, would be paid until Wednesday of the following week. It was Saturday… yet we were required to get back to work. However, regardless of fault or blame to be passed, it was blatantly obvious this slavery was definitely not worth my time. Nor, worth a forty-five minute trip to Cockeysville, MD. In other words, it was time for a change.

Woken by Our Ancestors

Gathering myself, I made that flight down the road. Imagining myself like Harriett Tubman that brave conductor of the underground railroad. I almost didn’t make it, my car’s engine, steering, and the electronic system locked. Racing at a speed over 80mph on I-95 in rush-hour traffic, how I narrowly avoided a crash and burn. I don’t know but, I made it over to the shoulder.

My life was in ashes. However, I had an abundance of hope and a can-do Pan-African spirit. Like the honorable Malcolm X built himself up above all of those hellish Massachusetts conditions, I would do the same. I had skills to go into business for myself but, admittedly I hedged my bets out of fear. In spite of these delays, I could ignore my ancestors call no more.

In this moment It was clear to see what was truly valuable, albeit in the face of my loses. I had my family but, the value of our culture and dignity was buried. Hidden away in a circumstantial rat race that divides us in our struggle for survival daily. How many Black people were in a similar situation to my own or worse? Disillusioned by the lack of support in our community.

How many Black people don’t acknowledge or embrace their African roots?

The 9 Divisions

Have you ever been confused by something for so long? Then one apparently insignificant scenario put everything into perspective. That was what was happening to me on the side of I-95.

Why was my community stuck living in a state of emergency? That’s when the teachings of Neely Fuller Jr. clicked in me by way of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing.

“Every man for himself” The culture of hate, deception, division, and survival, this is a system of control, imperialism, manifest destiny, an inferiority complex or known in its simplest terms as White Supremacy! Not African at all!

On the contrary, at its roots, ours is a global culture of love, truth, unity and thriving. An eternal culture that has waited too long to be remembered.

The course was clear now, there was no other basket which to put my eggs but, the ashes that remained of my old life. A mighty rally cry warned me to pursue no cause. Except in the unity of my brothers and sisters. At the same time echoing in my head was the father of Pan-Africanism Marcus Mosiah Garvey proudly chanting “Up You Mighty Race!” With nothing left to lose, and everything to gain, I devoted my will to you. My family, that from the ashes of disparity like a Phoenix we will rise!

Obligated to Our People


The Phoenix Publishing Paradigm LLC. Was founded to strengthen our global communities understanding and outlook of the 9 areas Neely Fuller Jr. defined, that have systematically controlled our planet for at least two thousand years.

Particularly first by educating our diaspora in the 9 areas through which the system works at large. Secondly, by offering marketing services to provide value to Black-owned businesses wanting to improve customer engagement. This demand specifically improves our communities understanding of economics and establishes us as a dynamic force to improve our standing in all other areas such as labor, education, & politics.

What is Pan-Africanism?

Pan-Africanism focuses on uniting the African diaspora worldwide.

This is the central priority to developing a mature economic, social, and political identity for our people.

Furthermore, the Pan-African movement aims to represent and uplift people of African descent around the world.

The goal of the Pan-African Movement is unity and sovereignty among African Nations.

Re-Introducing The Pan-African Cause: To Unify All Descendants of African Peoples 

Change is constant, great kingdoms eventually fall to ashes in time.

From the ashes, we can create even greater prosperity.

Black people are living proof of picking up broken pieces and rebuilding.

We must remember our strength as a people.

To break our mental chains and revive independent thought in our present times.

Now, African descendants need to unite and rebuild!

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

“Our fathers fought bravely. But do you know the biggest weapon unleashed by the enemy against them? It was not the Maxim gun. It was division among them. Why? Because a people united in faith are stronger than the bomb”

Hub For Pan African Ideals

The Mission

The Phoenix Publishing Paradigm, LLC. provides Africans with an empowering shift in their thinking. A movement from ashes to assets; that, replaces a victim lifestyle & state of mind to an empowered one.

Namely by publishing articles & books that inspire critical thinking, in addition to offering professional services, planning, & opportunities for black-owned businesses.

Hub For Pan African Ideals

One Love!

Up, you mighty race, accomplish what you will.
-Marcus Garvey