Our Working Objective

The Phoenix Publishing Paradigm, LLC. reverses the skewed image of Afro-Americans portrayed in mainstream media. We do this by promoting positive Pan-African ethics to the African diaspora.

The Phoenix Publishing Paradigm

African Phoenix

What We Cover

The Phoenix Publishing Paradigm, LLC actively covers a range of topics that service the progression of Afro-American people.  We focus on topics listed below

African Power

Black Power

Covering the proactive efforts showcasing the importance of unifying our race first in demonstrations and calls for justice worldwide.

African History

Black History

Covering the trials, tribulations & accomplishments of the African diaspora prior to chattel slavery and up through contemporary times.

African Wealth & Prosperity

Wealth & Finance

Discussions on wealth, finances, and improving the economic conditions of our community through an educated progressive approach.

African Publishing & Copy

Publishing & Copywriting

Specializing in promoting lucrative black-owned businesses and providing the opportunity to publish talented youthful black authors.

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