Becuz We Hustle

Innocence in children is a beacon of hope, specifically to us grown men and women.

We find ourselves swept along by the duties of a manipulative & corrupt world.

Today’s consumer based society constantly engages us daily in a routine of hustle and bustle.

Our monotonous tasks keep us relevant in a culture defined and favored by ruthless decisions in a corporate lifestyle.

Growing demands of typical 9 to 5 jobs are mentally exhausting and making us impassive.

Why This Ten-Year-Old Has Sacramento’s Heart

Ms. Leah Nelson serves residents in her community as the ideal philanthropist; a breath of compassion in the smog of a purely dollar driven society.

Our ambitions often overlook simple actions that would impact the lives of other people positively.

With an altruistic heart, this 10-year-old West Sacramento native created the non-profit organization Becuz I Care.

Since she started her good deeds with Becuz I Care, Leah has received a proclamation of her mission in Sacramento.

Her objective is to prove little actions go a long way regardless of how trivial we may think they are.

Actions like opening a door for someone struggling with too many grocery bags.

Or, holding the elevator open so that someone else can get on, even simply buying a coffee or hot chocolate for someone in the winter all makes a difference.

Her mission: How to Make A Difference

“We want to encourage people to do good deeds for others. Be the change you want to see!”

Leah’s program operates on good will and doing acts of kindness.

Then giving the beneficiary of the deed a handmade bracelet she creates!

By passing the bracelet from person to person, it accumulates the good deeds done by one soul to another.

The bracelets are inexpensive to design and Leah has step-by-step video instructions here, teaching anyone how simple they are to make.

Becuz I Care has quickly spread into a worldwide phenomenon, recently touching various lives in France, Brazil, Cameroon, Puerto Rico, and Japan.

Quick and Easy Ways to Show Your Support

“I just want the world to be a better place,” Nelson said compassionately like Mother Teresa.

“I mean there are many issues and people are mad about the issues, and if you’re mad about the issues, why don’t you take action to try and change them?”

Support Leah’s program by donating to the BecuzIcare11 go fund me page.

Thank her for her outstanding work on her twitter page @BecuzICare11, with the hashtag #BecuzICare11

Get involved with the program by requesting some bracelets on the Becuz I Care FB page.