Music is the Way Liberia Heals

The West African country Liberia is a former colony of the American Colonization Society and a testament to the resilience that is inherent in our people and family worldwide. That unbeatable nature has produced a unique artist Putugah Takpaw P.h.e.n.o.m to the world music stage. Check below the video for the link to his free music.

Putu, As an activist, using his Hip-Hop, Reggae, and deep Afro-centric roots he rocks the mic with a heavy sound. His powerful message brings positive social change to the lives of those who need it the most. In fact he has done a lot to draw attention to the plight his people in Liberia, West Africa.

Liberia Heals in Spite of Adversity

Imagine living day in and out on eggshells, in fear of being raided by children as citizens of Liberia once did. These little boys and girls could not read nor spell their own name but were able to aim and fire a gun with perfect accuracy.

Could you survive having a family member taken? Or yourself quarantined indefinitely, generally fearing one of the most basic of human needs, another human touch. Liberia has survived it all, two gruesome civil wars and an ebola outbreak in the span of 30 years.

There is nothing glamorous about warfare or cute about a bio-epidemic. Lives are destroyed and people die, but the survivors must gather the remains of their broken lives and keep on.

In these times we must remember our family abroad. They may not be local but Africans, we’re a worldwide people and we’re all we’ve got.

It is this principle of unity that the Liberian-American artist Putu had in mind. To make sure Liberia heals from the wounds of war and disease to prosperity and security once again he helped establish #Pay2Save.

The Phoenix Publishing Paradigm is honored and privileged to debut the music video for the single ‘Make em’ Root4u’ off of Putu’s new album “Save The World, or Stop Trying?” Enjoy!

Liberia Heals with the #Pay2Save CampaignSave The World Album


Putu along with his brother Jauz launched the #Pay2Save campaign to raise funds for the “Liberia Heals Initiative.” by contributing just $25 to the humanitarian efforts participants are rewarded with the exclusive Collector’s Edition physical copy of his latest album, “Save the World, or Stop Trying?”.

He is currently promoting his debut album, “Save the World or Stop Trying?” and in the process of launching a tour. Click the following links to learn how to get a physical copy of his album and support a great cause.

And make sure Liberia Heals!

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