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We are honored to present to you an exclusive interview with Dr. Umar, the most requested authority on the education of African-American children and on mental health in the Black community.

Dr. Umar Johnson The Prince Of Pan-Africanism


Black Male Agenda & Feather’s of Ma’at

Learning that Black Male Agenda was hosting the Prince of Pan-Africanism at Bowie State University, we contacted Dr. Johnson to get this exclusive for our loyal subscribers.

We want to take a moment and acknowledge the Black Male Agenda a grassroots organization dedicated to the unity of our community. BMA did an amazing job organizing the event.

From the moment Brother Johnson took the stage, he owned up to his accredited six degrees, two masters, and doctorate.

The audience hung onto every word as he spoke on issues of racism, white privilege, decisions linked to destinies. He also spoke about vital topics such as in-group biases, black people’s inferiority complex, indoctrination of the slave mentality.

Every second honored the ancestors Fredrick Douglass and Marcus Garvey, who he attributes much admiration too. His oration lasted an hour and forty minutes and was immediately followed by a roar of applause.

All Power To the People

The Prince's Award

The Prince of Pan-Africanism awarded for excellence

However, what came next was unexpected even to Dr. Umar Johnson.

A surprise ceremony by Black Male Agenda honored the Doctor for proactively empowering our worldwide community. With a beautiful spoken word from Feathers of Ma’at the sister organization to Black Male Agenda, Dr. Umar proudly accepted his award.

The award ceremony and the subsequent book signing were well worth the wait when we finally sat down with Dr. Umar.

Making sure to bring you an in-depth objective focus and practical solutions for our community that we can implement worldwide.

The Phoenix Publishing Paradigm proudly presents our sit down with the Prince of Pan-Africanism Dr. Umar Johnson.

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