Music is the Way Liberia Heals The West African country Liberia is a former colony of the American Colonization Society and a testament to the resilience that is inherent in our people and family worldwide. That unbeatable nature has produced a unique artist Putugah Takpaw P.h.e.n.o.m to the world music stage. Check below
Dr. Umar Johnson
Unapologetically African At the Phoenix Publishing Paradigm, LLC we provide to you fixes and opportunities that will greatly improve the quality of your lives. Those solutions are provided to you, using our professional and publishing services. Also, by educating you with informative blogs. Or we may connect you with other black-owned businesses
Reka Darn B
Guest Blogger Sherreka Burton   The Good Money Rebel has saved $25,000 in 9 months and tells all in How to Earn and Keep Your Dead Presidents   “I favor taking the economic approach to our problems. Economics must be the foundation which our revolution stands upon. This is non-negotiable.”
Becuz We Hustle Innocence in children is a beacon of hope, specifically to us grown men and women. We find ourselves swept along by the duties of a manipulative & corrupt world. Today’s consumer based society constantly engages us daily in a routine of hustle and bustle. Our monotonous tasks keep
George G.M. James-Stolen Legacy
Have you ever heard of George G.M. James, the author of Stolen Legacy? No, then this article is for you; because of Dr. George Granville Monah James a Guyanese historian we can justly credit our African ancestors with the wealth of knowledge they possessed. Stolen Legacy is a book that