(SOMEWHERE OUT IN, MD)- CauseMo: You’ve picked up the alias “Captain Hook” in your experiences in the studio. How do you bring that persona to life in your hooks?


              Keels: It’s control, not that I have control I let the beat take control so it is really whatever the beat… whatever mood the beat puts me in is the track of mind that I am on you feel me.


              It’s almost impossible to listen to a Jay Keels track and not grasp the effort or care that goes into the finished work. Certainly, an opportunity to converse with the upcoming artist would give a listener new found appreciation, not just for his own, but music in general. Along with his catchy hooks and lyrical talent he carries an air of originality and introspection to his projects.


               Keels: “I have a lot of different genres of work…different styles of work. Like you might catch me singing on a song, you might catch me going hard or gritty, you might catch me turning up, you might catch me doing a mix.

So you never know… there is a difference between being an artist and a rapper. As an artist you have to have something to say. Like you can do a whole bunch of shit where you are really not saying anything and that can be hype and everything like that.

No disrespect to anybody, but when you are an artist you kinda sorta paint the picture give people something to think about or visualize y’know.” said Keels, the Baltimore born and a well-traveled artist.


               Keels music is fueled by an abundance of passion and ambition, that vibe is clearly conveyed in his recent singles Closure” and  “The Leaguein neither of which he spares any expense showing the world his talent.

             Listen to the singles here!

                I was curious to know how environment influenced his music and to what heights his potential could take him. He provides his fans with a humble response, in stark contrast to the dominant lyrical approach he takes to the microphone.         


                Keels:“I mean because I was… number one I felt I had to be a fan first in music.

So with me coming up through what I came up through in life, I was always able to find something relatable in music. Or…either relatable to my situation or how I’m feeling or the vibe I get

You know it was always a song you can get back to, and as I’m coming up its life that gives you something to rap about or talk about so I just mix the two… I guess.” Keels said “Um… that’s a tough

Keels said “Um… that’s a tough question, because tomorrows not really promised to anybody. So… usually what they say is they don’t love you until you’re dead and gone. So

So y’know what I mean I just do it and if you fuck with it, you fuck with it. That’s how I see things going I’m not really in this like ‘Yo I’m bout to get a check off this’ nah, because I love music. I was a fan first and it’s just something I fuck with.”

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               Just as our usual conversations go Jay Keels’ provided depth of along to his insight. Yet still questions came to mind of what types of music influenced his diverse approach to the industry. Who were archetypes in Hip Hop’s history that paved the path to the artist I sat before, who stood out to him in today’s era of music and his general interests outside of making music


                Keels:“[Laughing] I mean Rap, Hip Hop; those are two different things if you don’t understand do your own research, R&B shit Rock, Classical fucking uhh Reggaeton, Reggae whatever if it sounds good I’m with it!

Uh, man, we can go back as far as Big L, Pac, and B.I.G of course til Sizzla, Buju Banton, and Lil Wayne fuckin…Yo Sean Paul, Vybz Kartel.

Damn I’ll even listen to classical music if it sounds good. I’m more in tune with the sound and what appeals to me than the genre”

He continued, with smoke billowing from his nostrils

                 Keels: “Everybody is different, and everybody has their own craft. Even if somebody is making music similar to another person. I mean they put their own spin on it feel me?

So at the end of the day, a lot of the shit is recycled anyway coming from the roots… Like I said I was a fan first, so I see different flows used in every different song and when a new song is hot y’know what I’m saying.

People come up with their own shit, they take it from something and put their own twist on it.”

CauseMo: What are your interest [outside music?]


               KeeIs: like to play sports, I like to be active so football, basketball, I work out. I find different ways to work out of some strange shit just pushing myself.

I like to find my escape you know what I’m sayin’ a nice smoke on the balcony. Full moon get a chill, think about how things have been going and shit.

I like to cool with my people you know what I’m saying I tend to find more family in the streets than I’ve had in my blood line so that’s that. I like to just chill.


          As our time drew to a close, Jay Keels wanted to ensure the fans knew where all his projects and the spots to keep an eye out for his latest hits were. Captain Hook or Robin Hood?


            Keels: Fans can catch me on Youtube or Soundcloud. So right now it’s November, so you will see me on Spinrilla, Worldstar and wherever the fuck else you want to see Jay Keels coming soon. Keels

Instagram @Akeeles_ fuck with ya boy!

Interviewed by CauseMo D’Ausarian, The Phoenix Publishing Paradigm LLC.