Have you ever heard of George G.M. James, the author of Stolen Legacy? No, then this article is for you; because of Dr. George Granville Monah James a Guyanese historian we can justly credit our African ancestors with the wealth of knowledge they possessed. Stolen Legacy is a book that everyone should familiarize themselves with in the present era of knowledge.

Early Life Of George G.M

Stolen Legacy George G.M. James

Author of Stolen Legacy

George James was born November 9, 1893, in Georgetown, Guyana. His parents a Reverend Finch B. and Margaret E James. George studied at two noteworthy universities in London, before getting his doctorate at Columbia University in New York. Dr. James extensively studied mathematics, Latin, Greek, and logic which he taught as a professor at Livingstone College before teaching at the University of Arkansas.

After the publication of his greatest work, he died in 1954. The book shook the paradigm of knowledge in western society so his death is widely viewed as foul play.

James uses seven arguments in his Magnum Opus Stolen Legacy to brilliantly validates his thesis; that Northern Africans are the original authors of so-called “Greek Philosophy” they are commonly referred to today as Ancient Egyptians. 

The First Argument of Stolen Legacy

The central argument of Stolen Legacy is That Greek philosophies stole from The Egyptian mysteries.


The term greek philosophy, to start off with is a misnomer

James pieces together evidence for us, by referencing the various lands the Egyptian Mysteries reached centuries before landing in Athens.

Also, he points to a strange void in the early education and training of the Greek philosophers that becomes evident when studying the situation. How one only finds information of uncertain places and dates of birth, their supposed doctrine and raising more questions as to who they were and whom they credit their knowledge than solving.

Greek Philosophy in Time

It is difficult to accept that the Greeks authored any of the doctrines produced as “Greek Philosophy”. There is hardly a mention of how the Greeks gained their knowledge. Their chronology is entirely left to speculation since historical records unveil to us so little of their early life and training of the philosophers.

Even up until now, several attempts have been made, to carve out their place in time. Beginning as early as the third century B.C.(274-194 B.C.) Eratosthenes drew up a timeline of the Greek Philosophers and twice more by Apollodorus as soon as the second century B.C. (140 B.C.) and by Andronicus in the first century B.C. (60-70 B.C.). However, these chronologies usually only agree when it comes to the three Athenian philosophers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle and is in complete disarray with the pre-Socratic logicians.

Aristotle & Alexander

A compilation of the history of Greek philosophy was a plan orchestrated by Aristotle and his school also. A wealth of books is published directly after Aristotle’s metaphysics. Theophrastus’ immediately published 18 books on doctrines of unmentioned physicists and Eudemus’ subsequently produced the histories of Arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and theology; both of these men were students under Aristotle.

Theophrastus’ and Eudemus’ works and successive philosopher’s works relied heavily on the critical summary of Aristotle’s metaphysics. Altogether the works would have taken a nation thousands of years to develop, but the Greeks happened upon them during the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great (Great because he stole Egypt’s gold).

Failing to mention that Aristotle was a close friend of Alexander, the man who made the Egyptian Library at Alexandria available to the Greeks, is a disservice to James’ and the rest of our ancestor’s body of work.

The Age Of Knowledge

Stolen Legacy

Stolen Legacy by: George G.M. James

Stolen Legacy critically analyzes the origins of the so-called “greek philosophy“. “His”tory has fooled us with our story. We can only learn and progress in the age of Aquarius as a whole people. Don’t wait any longer learn the true roots and ideas the world today has grown from. Pick up your copy of Stolen Legacy today!