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“I favor taking the economic approach to our problems. Economics must be the foundation which our revolution stands upon. This is non-negotiable.”
-Guest Blogger Sherreka Burton


Methods Proven Unsuccessful to Build Our Communities Financial Identity


There are only two things that oppressors understand: hands or money. There is nothing else.

Trying to appeal to the other side’s hearts and minds has always been a losing strategy.

Even the non-violent movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King was a failure from that standpoint.

Yes, the movement led to some (paper) systematic changes; however, the racists kept their belief system intact while maintaining the status quo, power, and control for the most part.

(It’s also safe to say that while black people were being non-violent in their protest approach, the other side was not so gracious.)

We Must Isolate Our Collective Challenges Now!


While I say all of this, I am not naïve enough to think that economics will solve all our problems.

In our current society, it is often lazy wealthy racists who are the most corrupt and manipulative individuals.

These people control industries and businesses that push out propaganda creating the narrative that black people are sub-human beings.

As we build wealth we must ensure that we thwart every influence (including money) that makes us into them.

To ensure that our wealth-building is value-focused instead of greed and control-focused, here are some principles I feel we must commit:

Adopt These 8 Value-Focused Wealth Building Principles Today!

1. Focus on building a solid reputation


This one is important. When it comes to being a steward for our community, we’re only as good as our name (and the actions that back up that name, which I list later). We should always strive to live up to our word. No one likes a sellout.

2. Live a balanced life


Again, we should be balanced in word and action. We cannot tell others to support black businesses when we don’t support ourselves. Cannot advise others to start a business if we don’t have one ourselves. We must talk the talk AND walk the walk.

3. Sharing our resources and being generous


It’s time we learn to share and get back to a community-based way of thinking. We don’t have to share only money. We can share time, knowledge, and space. It’s all about building together.

4. Communicating sensitively


We should not approach our brothers and sisters in anger or unjust reproach. We must also communicate to understand, not to deceive. Our communicated intentions must be in line with our actions to serve.

5. Becoming moderate in all things


We must understand that money is not our god nor are material possessions. We must also not overindulge in things (e.g., drugs, alcohol, and other harmful things) that do not help us achieve our goals.

6. Overcoming self-centeredness


We have to move away from the “every man for himself” mindset. We must assist our brothers and sisters who are committed to our common goal, and even assist those who may not be fully enlightened yet, but can get there. Group economics is the focus.

7. Avoiding destructive behavior


We should not be abusive to ourselves or to others. Encouragement is free and should be given to our people on a daily basis. If someone supports a business, be supportive. Do not make them feel inadequate. We have quite enough of that coming from the others.

8. Becoming disciplined


Self-control is a must. We cannot become quick to anger or be easily strayed by others on the wrong path. It is up to us to become the change we wish to see. Others will fall in line without having to be coerced or begged to do so.


These principles will save us from worshiping material and manmade things, as well serve as guidelines for building trust within our community. It is my belief that by following these principles while building wealth, we will not become the melanin version of these power hungry, manipulative oppressors.

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